A Visit With The Honorable Judge Philip Hom

PS 129 Visits Judge Philip Hom
Posted on 02/05/2024
Third Grade in a Court House
The Honorable Judge Philip Hom and Ms. Smith were classmates at PS 185 and PS 208 in District 03.  Due to their lifelong friendship, he invited PS 129 to his courtroom. He wanted to share what he does for a living as well as a history about the famous Long Island City Queens Civil Court.
The class engaged in conversations about the difference between civil, criminal, and appellate courts. Also, the difference between state appellate, supreme, and the United States supreme courts.  The students were able to sit in the spectator seats as well as the jury seats. They also learned a little bit about their teacher when she was just a elementary student herself. At the end of the trip, every student received a gift bag that included items about the court system and a Chinese Lunar New Year Red envelope that they could put under their pillow. They also spoke a little bit about Chinese Lunar New Year.
For their next writing project, the students are going to write persuasive letters to Manhattan Borough President Mark Levine about helping the community reduce the amount of dog poop in the neighborhood surrounding our school. The class is going to take the final project in HMH, which is a persuasive letter and turn it into a service project ahead of civics week in March.