The Arts

At PS 129 we value the arts and have a dedicated and experienced staff: 



Ms. Wozniak - Music Teacher 

A professional soprano and experienced educator, Krista Wozniak brings passion to both careers and has triumphed in these dual realms. As the product of an arts-based early and high school education, she is uniquely able to approach the study of music as both a liberal and a fine art. Ms. Wozniak developed and designed curriculum for the “Playground Opera,” a National Endowment for the Arts-funded in-school residency program piloted at PS 129 in 2015 by Opera on Tap, and endorsed by Senator Kirsten Gillibrand in 2017. Through her long association with nationally recognized “Music and the Brain,” Ms. Wozniak has worked as a Mentor Teacher, training and inspiring other teachers and teaching assistants. With “Music and the Brain” and the “Little Kids Rock” curricula, partnerships with community arts organizations, attention to ELL’s, at-risk, and underserved populations, and her own innovative integration of healthy singing and song repertoire for young children, Ms. Wozniak has nourished the musical culture at PS 129, opening doorways to academic achievement and promoting self-confidence, creativity, and emotional intelligence in her students.