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Community School PS 129

Starting September 2022 John H Finley will be a Community School. Learn more about community schools on the department of education's website.

School Mission

At the John H. Finley Campus School, we believe that all children are entitled to a quality education. We are committed to developing a child-centered environment and instructional program, which will result in a community of critical thinkers and lifelong learners. With the collaborative efforts of parents, faculty, students and community, we will empower our students to become responsible, productive and enlightened individuals.

  • Staff, parents and community are involved in a collaborative decision making process.

  • Our instructional program will be developed to meet the challenging needs of all students.

  • All students will develop skills that will enable them to become critical thinkers and problem solvers.

  • All students are expected to reach high standards of proficiency-with 90% of our students at achievement levels 3 and above in reading and mathematics standardized tests.

  • Our instructional program will provide an environment whereby literacy will be infused in all subject areas (social studies, science, mathematics, technology and the arts).

  • Emphasis will be placed on alignment of curriculum and assessment, in order to ensure that students attain grade level performance as per standards.

  • An interdisciplinary curriculum will be implemented to achieve optimum literacy across the grades.

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 Odelphia H. Pierre