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Posted on 11/30/2022
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A Visit From CEO Sabrina Lamb

Sabrina Lamb giving first hand advice

Sabrina Lamb is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of, dedicated to the financial education of youth in the Tri-State New York City area. Community School District 05 and the CEC 5 are hosting a youth business pitch competition to engage students in financial literacy.  John H. Finley students developed their business pitch idea while completing the financial literacy curriculum created by Lamb. Students in the program were able to meet with Lamb in a small group, share their business pitch ideas and receive feedback from the program creator. Learn more about World of Money

Lamb called upon experts from the community

Gail Benintendi volunteered for the job helping  PS 129 students twice a week with their pitches and power points for the Money Matters competition.  Gail has an extensive background in finance  and a willingness to help others. The students certainly benefited from her expertise. 

Gail Benintendi Working with a 129 student

Get Ready for our Business Pitch!

Students that elected to participate in the Money Matters curriculum faced off against each other Thursday, December 1, 2022 in the school auditorium. They presented to a panel of judges in front of their principal, teachers and peers.  Fourth grade was represented by four students in Ms. Bazemore and Ms. Fagan classes: Mariama, Ousman, Alex and Paganini.  They presented about starting the business they called Basketball Buddies. They may have ended in 3rd place but it fueled their big dreams for next year's competition. Check back in 2023 to see what they develop. 

4 students presenting in the auditorium

The Winners

Ms. Nealy's Grade 5 students, Jahsiah, Janae and Rosangela, will represent CS 129 John H. Finley at The Schomburg Center for Black Research on December 16, 2022.  Their business pitch idea, well that you'll have to wait for that...

PS 129 Money Matters Winners

Sabrina Lamb CEO of Money Matters