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John H. Finley  

Excellence without Excuses

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HACKATHON!  Does your team have what it takes to win the school-wide Hackathon?!  

Phase 1 Design-a-thon (in school) Challenge: 


  • Identify an opportunity/problem/issue in your community and validate it with data.  
  • Create a story using data to share about your community concern.
  • Identify an approach to addressing that concern.

CHAMPS: Sign up for Champs! See Ms. Geldner for AM 7-8 AM and Mr. Germano for afternoon Champs.

Also coming soon 3-5 BB applications...

The Minnesota Whitecaps may have walked away with a win on the scoreboard, but John H Finley walked away with a win in school spirit!  At the end of the game students flocked to the autograph area. Unfortunately, with only 15 minutes before the bus was leaving, students weren't able to get player autographs. All wasn't lost as students did get lucky catching Kelsey Koelzer  (Above) and Rebecca Russo (not pictures) on their way to the bus!  Thanks are in order to those that helped make this remarkable event happen.  PS 129 would like to thank Dani Rylan the commissioner of the NWHL and the Migdol Family Foundation  for their generosity in making this event possible.  THANK YOU!