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PS/MS 129 John H Finley​

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Principal Odelphia H. Pierre

425 West 130th St New York, NY


Global Scholars Goals:

  • Digital Literacy
  • Communication Skills
  • Academic Engagement
  • Critical Thinking Skills
  • Global Engagement
  • Global Knowledge
  • Cultural Understanding
  • Appreciation for Diversity

John H. FInley students skyping with Madrid students (above) and Boston students (below)

All students have access to project based learning. We offer Global Scholars to special education classes, general education classes and gifted and talented education classes.

Global Scholars supports the following key objectives:

  • Broaden students’ local-to-global perspective by learning from peers in other cities
  • Gain subject matter content knowledge on an issue of mutual concern
  • Equip students to navigate a 21st century virtually-connected world
  • Augment digital technology proficiency
  • Promote English language practice and literacy

Welcome to PS/MS 129 Global Scholars 2018

2018 Community Action Projects are here!

Inspiring Community Action!

We met the producers of the movie, Wasted!!!

How do you engage a full classroom in vocabulary?

Play Kahoot!

Unit 4 pictures

21st century skills are created here:

Critical Thinking, Collaboration, Problem Solving, Creativity and Technology!

Unit 3: Growing the Food We Need:

Unit 2: e-classroom discussion, Go Fund Me video

Unit 1 Project: What does it mean to be a global scholar?

Unit 1 Project:

In the Unit 1 project, each city in a collaboration group posted a video in the e-classroom to share about their culture. Taipei put their amazing video on YouTube. See it here: