Want to Stop Charter School Junk Mail?

Stop Receiving Charter School Mailings
Posted on 10/06/2022
Junk Mail


The DOE is offering students and their families the option to opt-out of receiving charter school promotional mailings produced by Vanguard. Families may refuse mailings by submitting the Charter School Promotional Mailing Notice and Opt-Out Form (OSIS number required) by October 31.

Note that if a student is age 18 or older, they must complete the form themselves.

Families that need help with Submissions:

  • Call 212-690-5932 to receive your student OSIS #

  •  Complete the form by October 31.  

  • Families who miss the first deadline can still submit the form by the final deadline of January 15, to stop receiving the promotional mailings after March 2023.

  • Once families submit the form, they will not need to opt out again in future school years, unless they decide to opt-in again in the future.

For more information, refer to the Charter School Mailing Removal family-facing page. For all other questions, submit a help ticket through charterschools.mojohelpdesk.com, or email [email protected].