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Odelphia Pierre


John H. Finley  

Excellence without Excuses

Welcome to our Class!

Exciting upcoming events:

  • May 11th Art Field Trip
  • May 15th Guest Speakers
  • May 16th Music Trip 

Details about passed events below:
  • May 8th Guest Speaker: Helen Cheng

We learned a lot from a marine biologist and horseshoe crab expert: Helen Cheng!

Students  posed and responded to specific questions by making comments that contribute to the discussion and elaborated on the remarks of others. They also considered the ideas expressed to draw conclusions about the information and knowledge gained from the discussions.  See the state speaking and listening standards here

Black History Month 2018 Video

George Bruce Library                                  Classroom Library         

Exercising their rights! National School Walkout 

CNN reports here

Collaborating with Ms. Nealy's class for Global Scholars 

Green Market Visit 

Modeling Dot and Dash to the entire school!

Student Creations: