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PS 129 Performs at Opera Fest

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Above: John H Finley participating in the ribbon cutting with city councilman, Bill Perkins and the City Gardens Club of NYC at Morningside Pond to celebrate the 100th Centennial of the establishment of the club. These students read a poem to the entire audience!

Congrats to the 10 published poets in Ms. Nealy's class!

Josiah    Baylee     Julieta      Shadid        Jolie

Swe-Jolie      Travis      Alejandro      Sheyla       Joe

New for 2018-2019

We added Computer Science for all!

We added a BOKS program for grades 1-3! and will continue to have CHAMPS for middle school!

We will are expanding Global Scholars beyond grade 5!

Updated Next Generation Learning Standards:

We will participate in many of the same exciting activities we always have like:

Science Project:

Students from Ms. Nealy's Class were among the 150 students invited to the 46th annual poetry festival.

For Harlem One Stop's full report click here: 

Over 150 students from as many as 50 schools are expected to recite their poems at this year’s festival. The festival is “something the children always look forward to,” said Norma Dunkley, a former teacher at P.S. 368 in Brooklyn, who had been attending the festival for over 10 years. “It’s a blessing, something that is real to them, and it’s an entire year of poetry for the children, leading up to this celebration. The teachers and the administrators love it, too.”

"The City College Poetry Festival is the democratic voice of poetry in New York City public schools,” said Pamela Laskin, a lecturer in the City College English department and director of the CCNY Poetry Outreach Center, which produces the festival. “Its assumption is there are many poets, and they all have terrific stories to tell. This would make Walt Whitman proud."

3/25/18 Exciting Update:

PS 129 would like to congratulate, Alexa Gruschow, who visited our school in November, for earning the NWHL MVP and helping the Rivs win their first Isobel Cup! See her amazing Game winning goal here!

Alexa is a professional women's ice hockey player for the Metropolitan Riveters. See more about Alexa Gruschow on her Twitter page.

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Bright Smiles, Bright Futures event:

Brush your teeth for 2 minutes twice a day!

Students get up close and personal with  Metropolitan Riveters

This is what 120 Metropolitan Riveters' tickets look like!

John H Finley would like to thank founder and commissioner Dani Rylan for her generosity. The entire school will be headed to the Prudential Center October 28th for a 1:30 PM games versus the Boston Pride!  

Harrison Browne takes time out to give back.

Students reached out for autographs and questions as Harrison meandered the school auditorium to try to give attention to as many students as possible. 

Jenny Ryan takes a selfie with Ps 129 Students

Jenny answered students' questions, and of course, even took a selfie!

Riveter Event Photo Gallery

from PS 129 to the Prudential Center 

Red Ribbon Week School Wide Pledge:

Upper Elementary Currently participates in the ESSL Basketball League. This year we added Soccer! What sport will we add next?!

Above: In science

unit, Variables, students

build planes!

2015-2017 photo Gallery