Ice hockey in Harlem Enrolls PS 129 Students

Ice Hockey in Harlem Enrolls PS 129 Students in their free program
Posted on 09/19/2023
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PS 129 Students Sign up to Play Ice Hockey

Ice Hockey in Harlem (IHIH) Executive Director Malik Garvin visited CS129 to share about the free ice hockey program provided to student that live in our neighborhood. The program offers not only free ice hockey and gear but experiences that will provide opportunities of a lifetime.  Families enroll between the ages of 4-7 and can stay with the program until they're 18.  The program offers college trips, multiple event opportunities such as watching the Islanders, Devils and Rangers play. Students might even get an opportunity to skate between periods at one of the games!  Unless, of course, they're too busy eating in their box seats! Sign up today for life changing experiences that you're scholar will never forget!

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