John H. Finley 
PS/MS 129M

Excellence without Excuses

Above: John H Finley participating in the ribbon cutting with city councilman, Bill Perkins and the City Gardens Club of NYC at Morningside Pond to celebrate the 100th Centennial of the establishment of the club. These students read a poem to the entire audience!

Upper Elementary Currently participates in the ESSL Basketball League. This year we added Soccer! What sport will we add next?!

Above: In science unit, Variables, students build planes!

New for 2017-2018

Grade 5 will participate in Global Scholars  

Updated Next Generation Learning Standards:

We will participate in many of the same exciting activities we always have like:
  • Peace by Peace
  • Broadway Playhouse
  • My Plate
  • Lyric Writing and much, much, more...